Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nature In It's Glory!!!


The night in it's shining armor,
The morning dew.

The sun is ablaze,
The stars askew.

The lightning in the sky,
The drops so few.

I feel love is in the air,
So pure, so true!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is love really our life!!!!

Do you live to love or do you love to live? This is a question I have asked myself a thousand times now but have never sought an answer. As a child I believed love is like those Sharukh Khan movies where "all is well". The hero meets his heroin, they fall in love, parents raise opposition and in the end love wins. Too good to be true! But the reality is much different. In the hopes of becoming a "Simran" from "Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayege" you kind of start believing that love is life. We live so that we can meet that "Mr. Right" (which in true sense either doesn’t exist or we don't meet) and in the tryst we even forget who we really are. Am I just speaking this way since I am one of those sappy, emotional characters who think that for every human, love is the reason we exist, or is it the reality I haven't experienced yet? But sooner or later I will have to realize that love exists only because we have to live. Yes, I have started feeling that the emotion of love in modern day society is so commercialized that we love only because we HAVE to and not because we DO. It is a norm that the society has laid. It is that foundation which can never break. We have to choose a partner, fall in love, get married and this process continues generation after generation.

Here I am sitting down and penning down deep thoughts I have been thinking. But let me tell you, I am like that butterfly whose thoughts wander from one flower to the next/other. Today I am happy being in love, tomorrow I want to be this hardcore feminist, who wants to be all independent and do something dramatic.

All said and done, love is a beautiful feeling which we all need to experience. You may fall, but at least you know have tried. The love may die, but at least it was born.

I still have not been able to answer my earlier question, but then I feel ‘who cares?’ Either ways, the word “Love” does exist or it will continue to exist till the end of this world!!!!!